Author: Robert Pritchard, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

Key Points

  • The absence of a truly technology-neutral energy vision has left a gaping hole in the electricity sector in Australia. The Australian electricity market is failing to attract substantial investment from corporate and institutional investors, the money is lying idle and climate risk is not being addressed.
  • There have been calls to impose a domestic emissions price. However, no-one can explain how payments that disappear into general revenue will reduce climate risk.
  • There are lots of alternatives. One would be to establish an innovation fund, exclusive to the electricity sector and largely directed by industry. Levies could be based either on turnover or on emissions, with the proceeds being recycled into technology-neutral, emissions-mitigation initiatives, instead of disappearing into general revenue.
  • The Federal government is starting work on an “emissions reduction technology roadmap”. It remains to be seen whether this will be genuinely technology-neutral. An innovation fund would help align this work with the global “net zero by 2050” emissions target.

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