Author: Robert Pritchard, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

Key Points

  • This short annotated bibliography is aimed at facilitating community understanding of the range of economic and technical risks that climate policies can pose for the reliable, flexible operation of power systems.

  • Excerpts from a cross-section of published materials have been included. Some materials contradict others. They have been selected, not because they are right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, but because the Energy Policy Institute of Australia believes they may influence future policymaking and ought therefore to be taken into account.

  • In compiling this bibliography, the Institute has taken a technology-neutral approach.

  • Depending on responses to the publication of this bibliography, it could be the first of a number of future editions.

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What's New

Policy Paper 1/22 "Geopolitics of The Energy Transition After The Ukraine Crisis" (Mar 2021)

Author: Robert Pritchard, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

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Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to March 2022) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 30 Public Policy Papers.

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