Author: John McDonnell, Principal, McDonnell Policy Analysis

Key Points

  • Populist policy interventions have destroyed political consensus and given rise to unsustainable energy policy in Australia.
  • At the present time, neither of the major Australian political parties has an energy policy that can last past one electoral cycle.
  • Politicians have to make difficult choices between the destruction of sectors of the Australian economy and minimising the risk from climate change. They need reliable evidence about costs to enable them to make these choices without causing unnecessary harm. They need to know the least-cost way of achieving the agreed level of emission reduction while producing reliable and stable energy flows. 

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What's New

Policy Paper 1/22 "Geopolitics of The Energy Transition After The Ukraine Crisis" (Mar 2021)

Author: Robert Pritchard, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

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Policy Papers

Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to March 2022) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 30 Public Policy Papers.

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