Author: Robert Pritchard, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

Key Points

  • Australia is presently on track to meet its emissions reduction commitments but it has destabilised its power system and created an insidious problem of power unreliability and unaffordability. This is threatening its energy-dependent industries and its national prosperity.
  • There has been a tendency by governments to intervene in energy markets. However, competitive markets must continue to play the central role in energy policy.
  • There has been too much short-term policy thinking. To counter this, a strategic energy plan, albeit focussed on the electricity sector, is to be developed by a new Energy Security Board (ESB).
  • All technologies need to be on the table for consideration by the ESB.
  • Solutions should be commensurate with the scale of the task and the time required for their installation, as well as on the combination of technologies that will deliver whole-of-system optimisation at the least cost.
  • Solutions should also be matched to Australia’s energy resource endowments - in order to provide a firmer foundation for the nation’s future prosperity.
  • Beyond the ESB’s strategic plan for the electricity sector, there remains a need for a bolder, more innovative, more collaborative and community-focussed energy policy. This will light the way for future investment across the entire energy sector – and will provide a common point of reference for community education.
  • Consideration still needs to be given to a national energy commission to replace the present suboptimal governance structure.

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What's New

Senior EPIA Director, Trevor St Baker AO, awarded degree of Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa) by the University of Queensland (Feb 2021)

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