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"The Costs of Decarbonisation: System Costs with High Shares of Nuclear and Renewables"

Date:  Thursday 28 February 2019 -  5.00pm followed by a reception to 7pm

Location: Sydney

Speaker:  William Magwood, Director General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Director- General Magwood conducted a special roundtable on the findings of this new study by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. The study assesses the costs of alternative low-carbon electricity systems capable of achieving strict carbon emission reductions consistent with the aims of the Paris Agreement.

The study examines the intrinsic difficulties of achieving ambitious carbon emission reduction objectives with variable generation technologies alone. In practice, the choice of electricity market design generation mix and, in particular, the generation mix is a matter of political choices at the national level.

The study contends that a particular role in this process will be played by nuclear power. The reason for its cost advantage is not in its plant-level costs but in its overall costs to the electricity system. Variable renewables have reduced quite impressively their plant-level costs, but their overall costs to the system are not accounted for as their output is clustered during a limited number of high-level hours.

The study suggests that OECD countries should move together to implement five pillars for the design of low- carbon electricity systems –

i.        competitive markets for short-term dispatch

ii.      carbon pricing

iii.     centralised mechanisms for infrastructure provision

iv.     long-term stability for investors in low- carbon capacity and

v.      the internalisation of system costs.

The paper postulates that these five pillars will remain the appropriate reference for the design of low-carbon electricity systems in the decades to come.

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"Executive Briefing on Innovation in Nuclear Energy"

The briefing will be opened by the Hon John Barilaro, Deputy Premier of New South Wales. It will feature our International Guest Speaker Suzanne Jaworowski, Senior Advisor, Policy & Communications, US Office of Nuclear Energy and Chair of the Steering Committee of the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation.

What: EPIA Executive Briefing on "Innovation in Nuclear Energy"
When: Tuesday 10 March 2020, 6 - 8 pm
Where: Piper Alderman Meeting Room, Lv 23, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney
Cost: $50 (includes refreshments)

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What's New

EPIA's Executive Director presentation to the USEA - Nov 2019

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EPIA Submission to Government - July 2019

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EPIA's Executive Director interviewed by Alan Jones: 'Forced penetration' of renewables is 'destabilising the entire power system'.  

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The ESB’s Alarming Report on the ‘Health of the National Electricity Market"

Author: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, EPIA

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The Institute’s submission to the COAG Energy Council, August 2016.

Policy Papers

Policy Paper 3/19 "Finding the Right Balance: Power System Flexibility in an Era of Decarbonisation: An Annotated Bibliography"

Author: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, EPIA

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Policy Paper 2/19 "One judgment brings upheaval for energy and climate policy in Australia"

Author: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, EPIA

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Policy Paper 1/19 "Why no Energy Policy?"

Author: John McDonnell, Principal, McDonnell Policy Analysis

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Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to April 2019) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 24 Public Policy Papers.

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Public Policy Papers : A Compendium of Key Points (Aug 2016)

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Since May 2013 the Institute has published twelve Public Policy Papers.

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