About Us

About Us

The Institute 

  • provides an objective view of international and domestic developments that have an impact on energy policy and energy industry participants
  • provides a trusted channel for dialogue with governments
  • liaises with inter-governmental, non-governmental and community organisations
  • provides a voice for Australian business in international organisations, including counterpart bodies in other countries; the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and its Energy Working Group, and the World Energy Council
  • recognises the independent and key role of all energy industry organisations
  • encourages Australian young professionals and youth to engage in energy matters
  • contributes to the maintenance of an investment climate in which capital may be invested on secure and predictable terms.

The Institute supports free market choices within a sound national and global policy framework.

Advisory Council

An Advisory Council of energy industry associations (both members and invited non-members) will meet regularly. Its role will be to facilitate a mutual understanding of the issues confronting industry.

The Institute supports all existing energy industry organisations in Australia and the valuable service they provide to their members, which must be sustained.

International Networks

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)


The Institute  liaises with APEC through the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism on a range of international and domestic energy issues, and has a particular focus on the APEC Energy Working Group (EWG). The EWG, established in 1990 to provide specific strategic advice on the development of energy in the Asia Pacific Region, is one of ten working groups that report to APEC Energy Minister's meetings.

The Institute represents Australia in the APEC Energy Business Network (EBN). The EBN was established due to recognition that development of energy resources and markets in our region requires substantial input (in both capital and expertise) from the private sector. The key objective of the EBN is to act as an interface between government and business, that is - to provide a business perspective on energy related issues that can be considered through the APEC process.

Future Energy Leaders

Who we are

FEL is a collaborative of young professionals working in the energy industry. Each year in March, FEL hosts [Young] Energy State of the Nation, or [Y]ESON, a one day workshop to inspire and engage young energy professionals and develop a future energy vision for Australia.

What is [Y]ESON?

[Young] Energy State of the Nation is a workshop for young professionals to develop a future energy vision for Australia. It is a unique opportunity for young professionals to think creatively and develop a future vision for the industry they work in. The ideas from the workshop are presented to senior members of Australia's energy industry at the Energy Policy Institute's key event, ESON.

The next [Y]ESON will be held on the 17 March 2016 in Sydney.

Who can get involved?

FEL seeks a diverse cross section of skills and experiences for our events. Delegates from past workshops include professionals with policy, research & development, technical, consulting, commerce, financial and legal expertise.


The Energy Policy Institute does not cater for individual membership and recommends that young professionals interested in personal development consider joining the Australian Institute of Energy (www.aie.org.au).


United States Energy Association

The Institute works closely with the US Energy Association and has reciprocal membership rights.  

For information on USEA activities please go to www.usea.org.


Barry worthington

Barry Worthington from the USEA speaking in Sydney - 21/02/2017

Left : Niels Marquardt, CEO of American Chamber of Commerce

Centre: Barry Worthington, Executive Director the United States Energy Association

Right: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director of the Energy Policy Institute of Australia

What's New

2017 Annual Report by the energy Security Board "The Health of the National Electricity Market".  

pdf graphicClick here to download this Annual Report (December 2017).


EPIA Public Policy Paper - 4/2017 "Future Energy Policy"

pdfClick here to view this paper

The Institute’s submission to the COAG Energy Council, August 2016.


Panel Discussion: "What will happen in 2018 to the electricity industry in Australia and abroad"

Principal Speaker: Dr Ron Loveland, Energy Adviser to the Welsh Government

Location: Sydney

Date:  Tuesday 23 January 2018 - 4pm to 5.30pm followed by a reception

Click here for more information.


Policy Papers

Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to October 2017) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 18 Public Policy Papers.

pdfClick here to view the compendium of key points. 

Public Policy Papers : A Compendium of Key Points (Aug 2016)

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Since May 2013 the Institute has published twelve Public Policy Papers.

pdfClick here to view the compendium of key points.

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