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The Institute (EPIA) is Australia's only apolitical, not-for-profit, energy policy body.

EPIA provides a mechanism by which all stakeholders in Australian energy may collaborate on risks and concerns impacting on energy finance, production, supply and export, where those risks may not have been fully addressed by existing industry organisations.

It acknowledges all environmental concerns as well as the paramount interest of the public in having access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. 

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What's New

"Policy Overview: After 20 Years, We Have Barely Started" (Nov 2020)

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EPIA Priority Technologies Forum (Nov 2020)

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EPIA Webinar transcript: A Low-Emissions Technology Roadmap for Australia (June 2020)

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Key Goals and Principles of a Post-COVID-19 National Energy Plan (May 2020)

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Policy Papers

Policy Paper 2/20 "Nuclear power through the lens of an Australian Trade Union"

Author: Geoff Dyke, Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining & Energy Union

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Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to July 2020) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 26 Public Policy Papers.

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